*Ecaho, The Accolades of a Great Arabian Stallion

*Ecaho The Show Horse

*Ecaho the Show Horse

  • Polish National Champion Stallion 1995
  • All Nations Cup Class Winner 1995
  • Poznan International Champion Stallion 2002
  • Region II Champion Stallion 2005
  • Santa Barbara Champion Stallion 2005
  • US National Champion Top Ten Stallion 2005
*Ecaho - The Sire*Ecaho - The Sire
  • 2003 Polish Nationals Leading Sire
  • Leading Progenitor of the IBRAHIM d.b. Sire Line in Poland
  • World-Class Get include: World Champion EMANDA, International Champion OLITA, Pride of Poland High-Seller ELWIA, Polish National Champion/Best in Show PALMETA.
*Ecaho - The judges speak *Ecaho
  • "There was no doubt in my mind that ECAHO deserved to win the Senior Male Champion title. His type is superb; his conformation excellent."
    Deirdre Hyde - Polish National Show Judge 1995

  • "In front of the Clock Tower Barn, a white stallion appeared, stepping slowly through the light fog covering the ground. The audience was speechless, as it appeared that Skowronek himself was standing before us, looking around with his huge black eyes and stretching his swanlike neck in a graceful pose."
    George Zbyszewski - Polish National Show Judge 1998

  • "The very prototype of the Arabian stallion, ECAHO bears a striking resemblance to the Arabian images immortalized on the ECAHO and WAHO logos. His best qualities are his undeniable charisma, a beautifully dished and refined head, large, dark, transfixing eyes, an enchanting, snow-white coat color, high, natural tail carriage and that remarkably long, perfectly set and gracefully arched neck."
    Anna Stojanowska - Arabian Horse Specialist, Republic of Poland

  • "I know something that breeders in America do not know. I have watched *ECAHO since his birth. I have seen his foals. No question in my mind that *ECAHO will become one of the great breeding horses in American breeding history. "
    Raymond Mazzei - Polish Arabian Expert, International Judge

  • "I thought *Ecaho was exquisite, and probably had the best legs on the Scottsdale showground. I took a photo of his front legs for future lectures on conformation—perfection. You can see his very correct, sound front legs - the long, well muscled forearms, short strong cannons with good bone, correct pastern angles, and excellent, correctly shaped front feet. He is very balanced and typey with a wonderful shoulder, short back, deep heart girth, powerful hindquarters, and great movement, but above all a very kind generous temperament. I have seen some of his excellent progeny in Europe who were equally impressive. He is a very valuable asset to breeders."
    Elizabeth Salmon - Equine Consultant, International Judge
*Ecaho The Breeder's Speak *Ecaho
  • "ECAHO is one of the most important Polish stallions - especially as a sire of excellent daughters. He is decidedly masculine with a great neck, beauty, movement and extraordinary charisma. He consistently stamps his get with exquisite type, ideal conformation and a definitive regal bearing."
    Marek Trela - Director, Janow Podlaski Stud

  • "The modern day replica of the immortal Skowronek, ECAHO is a result of the proven "Diamond Cross" - Bandos and Palas - exemplifying the the most desirable features of the Arabian breed: classic Arabian type, model conformation and a sweet disposition. During the ECAHO General Meeting in 1990, he thrilled conference participants with his incredible type and beauty, animated movement and aristocratic presence."
    Izabella Zawadzka - Polish Inspector of Arabian Horses

  • "The emergence of ECAHO as a sire of significance is a welcome reward, as he represents the best of skillful Polish breeding through the legendary Bandos and the ethereal Etruria. Like his grandsire Bandos, ECAHO occupied the most prestigious chief sire stall at Janow Podlaski - for many, he was the symbol of the Arabian stallion."
    Anna Stefaniuk - Breeding Specialist, Janow Podlaski Stud

  • "ECAHO is a very beautiful horse, and also a powerful sire. His daughters show amazing Arabian type, a wonderful trot, and most of all, a very fine, long, very graceful neck. I was very impressed (with *ECAHO at Scottsdale), and I am looking forward to see his first crop of foals in the USA."
    Lenita Perroy - Haras Meia Lua, Brazil

  • "Lenita Perroy, Fabio Diniz and myself jumped in minutes after seeing *ECAHO at Scottsdale and purchased a package of frozen semen that we are bringing to Brazil."
    Murilo Kammer - Haras Aratinga, Brazil

  • "I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful horse. He is everything you could dream of. We have not bred our mares in over five years, but they are booked to *ECAHO this year! "
    Linda Mekeel - Heritage Breeder, Mekeel Horse Ranch, CA

  • "I have been waiting for the opportunity to utilize *ECAHO since his World Champion daughter, Emanda, took the show ring by storm. In my opinion there is not a more prolific sire of TRUE Arabian characteristics available to breeders today. Not only is he siring the most incredible foals, but his sons and daughters are producing World champion foals as well. THIS is hallmark of a legend maker. It has been well worth the wait."
    Amanda Mitchell - Honeysuckle Rose North, MA